Reflection #15: Human Duties: A Curiosity to Earth

After reading Wendy Scott’s blog entry entitled “What a Waste,” I began to realize how important visuals are to people and achievement. If you want to start a committee, then you will, most likely, create a poster or flyer that you will post where people walk. The same rule applies when trying to get people to clean up the earth and recycle their products after using them. Wendy proposed a simple, but very important question: “What if one day we ran out of landfill space?” Did you ever hear anyone say that we have unlimited landfill space and the answer is no. If we, as a community, start to advertise recycling with a visual aspect, then the message may get across much quicker, than having someone conduct research. Remember that the first ten seconds that you look at a visual is what stays in your mind. Finally, people need to create web sites that focus their attention to younger generations because these people will be the ones who will have to deal with population and the environment.

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