Reflection #16: Color vs. Coverage

Josie Rush wrote a blog entry about “A Solid Meh” and it prompted me to inquire how university papers do not always mean that they are the best. I definitely believe that schools are excellent for designing papers and there layouts, but we must consider a multitude of possibilities. I never thought about how article teasers can throw a reader’s mindset out of place or simply distract them from what they were looking for. The Cavalier online publication was an excellent visual pleaser, but the Harvard paper seemed very professional and collegiate. I think that the Cavalier print production was more pleasing than the online addition. One reason is because it looked like a typical newspaper, but with lots of color and clarity. The main point that Josie made me realize is that all online publications whether in print or not, take a lot of work to complete and that is why we have a choice in what we buy and read.

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