What the Great Recession Has Done

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"A duplex apartment in Krakow's city center is on the market for 1.4 million Polish zloty ($478,000). This 130-square-meter (1,399-square-foot) duplex apartment is in a complex of tenement buildings that are about 100 years old" (NY Times).

FYI: Maybe the answer to my title is that the recession has lowered the value of this home.

Link to slideshow from NY Times: Great Homes and Destinations

So, what makes this place so special? And the answer is its history!

Wait until to view this slideshow because the house is very very very nice inside and out. I found it amazing how the NY Times linked this slideshow to a story which means that it must have been a slow news day. It seems like a filler story, but it is very interesting.

If I had that basement living room, then I would have a huge game room for events (slide eleven)

The best part about the entire story is that it is located in the middle of a city and there are several landmarks that are within walking distance.

Did you enjoy the slideshow? Did you like the house? Let me know your thoughts, but specifically let me know if this could be a news story in itself?

Click here for the web page devoted to NY Times.

1 Comment

I don't know that the house itself would be a newsworthy story, but I think it is a point of interest in the paper that would gain an particular audience's attention. Unlike a smaller newspaper, the New York Times has enough room to include information such as this Home and Destinations section, especially online. For it to make it into this newspaper, it obviously had to merit enough interest for publication.

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