May 3, 2007

The Wonders and Glory That Make Erin Waite!

Erin is falling into the gaps in my paper and happy to fill them with glitter and cheer!
Erin Waite May 3, 2007

It is now 7:17 pm Eastern Standard Time and the girls have hit the computer lab. After a grueling half hour realization that my paper wasn't organized in any type of linear fashion, Erin Waite came along. This poor girl had the painful job of looking over my draft on the empowerment of the female replicants in Blade Runner.

I had half attempted to say which paragraph ought to be moved before handing my paper over, but it was in vain. Erin was struck by my sidebar notes of "move" (underlined, of course), "BIG GAP HERE, BUT I'M MOVING ON!," and "put stuff here?" Luckily she managed to assemble the troops with cute notes back to me such as: "insert this here." Not exactly what you would call a romantic nature for a note, but altogether more helpful.

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