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January 25, 2009

Where's the Truth?

According to Terry Eagleton, there is "no such thing as 'pure' literary critical judgement or interpretation" (13).

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January 27, 2009

Sensation vs. Thought

I am the more zealous in this affair [imagination], because I have never yet been able to perceive how any thing can be known for truth by consequitive reasoning--and yet it must be so...O for a Life of Sensations rather than of Thoughts! (Keats qtd. in Austin 52).

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History is the Cheese on Literature's Macaroni

According to T.S. Eliot,

the historical sense involves a perception, not only of the pastness of the past, but of its presence; the historical sense compels a man to write not merely with his own generation in his bones, but with a feeling that the whole of the literature of Europe from Homer and within it the whold of the literature of his his own country has a simultaneous existence and composes a simultaneous order.

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Metonymy, Synecdoche, Smetonyche

There is no literary 'literary' device--metonymy, synecdoche, litotes, shiasmus and so on--which is not quite intensively used in daily discourse (Eagleton 5).

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