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Deconstructing Derrida's Deconstrivism

Alright, so it's officially been established that much of the class a) does not understand Derrida, b) does not like Derrida, or c) has a headache from Derrida and completely and utterly loathes him for inflicting such pain on our already sore brains.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm in the same boat as everyone else, but I have tried to understand him to the best of my abilities. I waited to post my entry so I could grasp what the class needs from me as presenter of this essay. Well, it seems clear that we need to do a little deconstructing of our own to understand Derrida's methods and goals of literary deconstructivism.

First of all, if you had trouble understanding the key concepts of the essay, please see the following links:

Derrida’s "Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences"


Also, if you're stuck in Negative Nancy mode, please see Derek's and Greta's blog for a more positive approach to Derrida. They do a nice job of linking Derrida's theory to what we do for class.

If you're hung up on Derrida's style of writing, particularly the abundance of repeating terms and phrases, please see Angela's blog and the comments she received.

If you need help understanding Derrida's concept of the center--or the non-center, I might term it--please see Katie's blog.

And finally, if you're struggling with the not-so-basic vocabulary terms and phrases Derrida repeats in his essay, please see my blog listed under Hamilton for the week, What's the Buzz?

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Ellen Einsporn:

I forgot to add that you should look up Erica's blog, too. She provides a nice example of how a post-structuralist would go about analyzing a text. http://blogs.setonhill.edu/EricaGearhart/2009/03/understanding_poststructuralis.html

Angela Palumbo:

I really liked the way you set this blog entry up. It was very different from the people that already went and it is appreciated that you wanted to see our questions so that you could answer them. I applaud you for your thoughtfulness. If you get a chance, look at the comment I left on my blog in response to you and Greta. I think that you sound like you have a good grasp on the subject and I'm interested in how you would answer the question I posed. Thank you!

Ellen I just have to say that I believe you are going to do a wonderful job as presenter for this essay. You have already done outstanding in this blog entry by setting it up so that everyone who had a difficult time (ME!) can see what others have said and perhaps develop a better understanding.


Katie Vann:

Ellen, I really liked your blog. Not only did you reassure everyone that you were going to try to do your best and explain Derrida's essay to us, but you also took the time to search through everyone's blogs and find some clear points to share with everyone. I actually didn't think Derrida's essay was too bad, I think you'll do fine with it.


Thanks, Ellen. I am sure you will do great tonight for your presentation!


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