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Back to Romantics...

"The 'writable' text, usually a modernist one, has no determinate meaning, no settled signifieds, but is plural and diffuse, an inexhaustible tissue or galaxy of signifiers, a seamless weave of codes and fragments of codes, through which the critic my cut his own errant path" (Eagleton 119).

This statement from Eagleton's chapter on poststructuralism caused me to remember my own previous blog, Literary Liposuction, in which I support the concepts of romantic creation--that is, as authors, we "half-create, half-perceive" what we read and write. Thus, Romantic theory applies not only to creative writing, but critical writing as well (which, is creative in a sense as well if you think about it). While Eagleton describes critics as "cutting their own path" through the "seamless weave of codes and fragments of codes," I see critics in a slightly different way. Instead of simply trying to cut through the crowd of codes, I visualize critics taking these "seamless codes" and weaving a path together that leads in a resolute direction. While many other paths may be chosen, the critic chooses to focus on one destination and creates his path by patching one code with another accordingly.

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