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Path over Product: Blogging Portfolio 2

Thus begins blog portfolio two...you know what that means---only one left! However, while I am indeed excited that the semester's end is visible on the horizon, my excitement should not be mistaken to imply a dislike of this class. In fact, my experience thus far has been quite the opposite. I feel that I have learned immensely as a student of literature as a result of this class, and I believe that my improvements are visible in my blogging efforts. It's true that at times, this class has been incredibly frustrating and wearisome, but, for the most part, I have successfully been able to work through my weariness and learn from my frustrations. For example, while I still have frustrating muddy points, I feel that this frustration is only natural given the class's contents. In fact, I've come to realize that I will always have muddy points, for when it comes to literary criticism being "right" is somewhat arbitrary. Finding the "right" answer is not really what matters; instead, what we should be paying attention to, as literary critics, is the path that we take to find our own interpretations. Below is a brief description of my own critical path I have taken in my blogging:

Coverage: Here's a list of all the blogs I wrote since portfolio 1:

Shadows in Dust
Books Have Birth Certificates
The Labyrinth
Muddled Mimetically
You know what they say: When you ASSuME...
Free Will Isn't Free
Repetition Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Literary Liposuction
An apple is not an orange
Teaching with a Critical Awareness
Frye Spies with his Critical Eye
From Monolith to Monomyth
Back to Romantics
More Muddiness to my Muddy Points
Deconstructing Derrida's Deconstructivism
What's the Buzz?
Aliens are real, I swear...I just can't prove it to you.

Here's a list of blog entries where I really invest myself in the material being discussed. In my opinion, almost all of my blogs are fitting for this category; however, here are the ones I spent the most time on:

Muddled Mimetically

You know what they say...When you ASSuME
An apple is not an orange
What's the Buzz?
Deconstructing Derrida's Deconstructivism

Interaction: Here's a few examples of where I contribute to my peer's blogs:

On Jenna's 5 Stars for SHU's Life is a Dream
On Angela's ...And the Point Was?
On Bethany's T.S. is back for more and it's muddy!!

Discussion: Here's a few examples of where my blog or my comments spark a discussion:

On Angela's The Terrible Terribleness That Exists Within a Terrible Criticism
On my Teaching With a Critical Awareness
On my Repetition Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Xenoblogging: Here's a few examples of where I help my classmates out through my comments and links:

The comment grande:
On Angela's blog, What? He was supposed to be funny!
On Greta's Use the Tool that Works Best

The comment primo:
On Jenna's So, what's the center?

The comment informative:

On Sue's One big ol' muddy point

The link gracious:

In my blog Deconstructing Derrida's Deconstructivsim

Wild Card:
And, drum roll, please....Here is my most prized blogging possession for this batch:
Teaching with a Critical Awareness While this may be a surprising choice, I feel that this blog is most important to me because, in it, I link what we are doing in class directly to what I will be doing in the future. While I consider my blogging on Derrida to be important, particularly when I look at how many of my classmates I was able to help, I consider this small blog just as important, if not more so, because it shows how I can take what I've learned in class and help not just my current classmates, but, more importantly, my future students as well.

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