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Post Presentation Perspectives

I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classmates presentations of their critical projects. Here's my reflection on a job well done by the entire class:

Greta & Katie: These two came up with a very practical and orginal idea. As a future teacher, I thought their experimental lesson was very helpful. Also, it was clear that the two spent a lot of time on their project in order to do a quality job.

Quinn and Sue: Hilarious!...What more can I say? Their creative exploration of author intent was both informative and entertaining.

Derek and Angela: Intense...I will admit that I couldn't look at Derek for much of our last class and didn't give him a goodbye hug because he creeped me out...haha. That said, I thought their presentation was great--It was clear that they spent a lot of time preparing for their acting debut. Also, having looked at their website earlier, I also credit them for a job well done on the intellectual level.

Erica and Jenna: I loved their topic and their presentation. A fan of Jane Austen myself, I thought these two approached their intertextual study of Pride and Prejudice in a very logical way and came to logical conclusions. Can't wait to see their movie! ;)

Kayley and Mara: These two did a good job of presenting the differences between earlier and later texts of The Boxcar Children. More of a Nacy Drew fan myself, I only read a few of the novels as a kid and didn't know that the later ones were written by ghost writers. Specifically, these two did a nice job of comparing their two chosen texts through close reading.

Michelle and J.R.: Another great idea. These two focused on an aspect of pop culture and analyzed a pertinent issue today. I thought Michelle's idea to post their issue on Yahoo answers was very pertinent to the class, considering our blogging efforts and I was surprised by the number of responses she received.

All around, the class did a great job on these projects: as a whole, I think we've learned to take literary criticism and apply it to our own interests, even making it fun.


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