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September 27, 2005

The AP Guide To News Writing - Chapter 8

Can I just say that I really enjoyed reading this book. The book gave factual information about journalism and news writing. I especially liked Chapter 8. I love quoting the "interviewee" and sometimes it is so hard to cut his or her quote down and still keep it accurate. After reading this section, I was able to cut down quotes more easily but still have a little trouble. I feel that if I cut too much from a quote, not only will it not be accurate, but it won't be detailed enough for my story. I guess this is just something that I will have to work on...I guess it just takes time. :/

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The Reporter's Notebook

I found The Reporter's Notebook to be very useful. When interviewing Leslie I was able to use many of the Stock Interview Questions that were found on page 23. These questions gave me a brainstorm for the next questions that I would ask Les. For example, instead of "How would others describe you?", I asked, "How would you describe yourself?" Woohoo! I know, such a big step in my life...I actually thought a question up myself! I was also refreshed with the puncuation tips. My english teacher had always taught me that commas and periods always go inside the quotation marks. For some reason, I can't seem to remember that. Thanks to my PINK highligher, the tip sticks out now!

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Found it in the Communicator... :)

While on Jerz's website, I was able to be linked to the Communicator and searched for the article of the book discussion. This made me happy because I didn't know what to write about when I didn't see the article in the Setonian! However, after reading the Communicator, I was disturbed to find absolutely no comparison between my article and Denishia Salter's article. Salter talked mainly about Asperger's syndrome and what the government is doing to help children/people with Asperger's syndrome. In my paper, I discussed the different comments that were made by my peers. I interviewed three peers; one who read the book and liked it; one who read the book and didn't like it; and one who didn't even read the book. My favorite quote was made by the girl who "absolutely hated the book." The expression on her face was memorable and it makes me laugh everytime I think of it. Sorry guys, I can't really explain it on here! I was happy to see a different side of the article. Salter did a nice job on discussing Asperger's syndrome and including worthwhile quotes.

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September 26, 2005

Setonian Article vs. News Writing Article

The only entry I could find about any book was on page 11 of the "Setonian." The article was a book review about a book that I have never read before. In class, I wrote about the book discussion of "the incident of the curious dog in the nighttime" and talked slightly about the book and then went on to discuss what my peers thought about the book. The article in the "Setonian" strictly talked about the book and nothing else. I personally like quotes because those quotes may be able to bring the article to a more emotional level. Sara Lyon's book review was totally different than my article for News Writing.

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Media Analysis

Elyse Branam
News Writing
August 29, 2005
Media Analysis

A visual is something that is seen or able to be seen by the eye; visible: a visual presentation; a design with a dramatic visual effect. When watching the television, reading a newspaper, or glancing quickly at a web page, a person may notice the visual aids that are being used to help stimulate the mind when reading an editorial, feature, and even hard news. While watching the WTAE news station, I noticed that both Scott Baker and Sally Wiggin were very descriptive when they spoke. Such topics that were being discussed on the station were Hurricane Katrina, an interview with Coach Cowher, Judy Garland’s missing ruby slippers, and the upcoming problem with anti-lock brakes. As I read through the newspaper and found many of those same topics, I realized that watching Miss Wiggin and Mr. Baker discuss the topics on the television was far more entertaining then reading the story to myself while trying to imagine what the events were like. For example, I would rather watch footage of the Steelers as they play in a preseason game, as Coach Cowher discusses his game plan for his season in the background, then read only about Cowher’s interview and not be able to visualize anything to back up what he is saying. In this same scenario, I could compare what I saw on the television as to what I saw on the Pittsburgh website. Because of the many different pictures and online media interviews with Coach Cowher, I was able to take in the information at a more rapid pace. The newspaper was less informative than both the television and the website due to the amount of space that the newspaper is given. The newspaper gave the majority of the information about the Steelers and their upcoming season; however the Tribune did not go into a major discussion about what Coach Cowher had to say about the season and instead focused on an interview with the “Bus.” WTAE went into detail about what Coach Cowher had to say about his team and how they were practicing and playing. “After being around these guys for a while, I know how they practice. When they play in a game, they have to bring it because there are still many spots open. They need to step it up.”
All three media options were entertaining, gave both truth and accuracy, and were done in a timely fashion. Personally, I enjoyed watching the television because I am a visual person and find learning to be easier after I have visualized what is unfolding.

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September 22, 2005

Franklin Regional approves contract

I really enjoyed reading this article. I went to high school in Somerset, Pennsylvania. My teachers were on strike for six years (that would have been my junior high school years and my high school years). Being taught by these teachers did have an effect on the students. Many of my peers were no longer interested in learning because the teachers seemed to be uninterested in teaching. Due to the strike, the teachers did not take any part in clubs or organizations such as Student Council or any dances. Every activity that took place in the Somerset Area High School was made possible because of the parents of the students. Let me tell you how hard it is to get five parents to be in charge of a group. Some were willing while others were far too busy. I found it funny when I read the name "Superintendent Emery D'Arcangelo." This man left my high school the year before the strike at Somerset was over...ONLY TO BE PLACED AT ANOTHER SCHOOL WHOSE TEACHERS WERE ALSO ON STRIKE!!

ANYWAY..(now that I got that off my chest)--I noticed the articles were informative. A quote was not given until the ninth paragraph. Because I want to be a teacher, I enjoyed reading about the teacher's new salaries and benefits. After reading the article, I found there to be only two quotes. The writer benefited here because the locals who read the newspaper would want to know the factual details rather than opinions or statements from the school board or teachers. I noticed how the last paragraph was boring and I realized that Yerace used the inverted pyramid when writing his news story. A lot of facts and figures were given. Good article.

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September 21, 2005

Chapters 3-5 Reflection

Hmmm...To be quite honest, I found these two sections to be a bit of struggle for me. I had to read the sections twice and even then, for some reason, the topics STILL did not click in my head. I found the topic of the "fire wall" to be interesting. I understoon the difference between "church" and "state" and was able to make a reference to my newspaper in my hometown. Maybe I should reread the the section again....for the third time....? I dunno.

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September 20, 2005

Post Reflection

When I went to the book discussion, I felt somewhat eager and anxious to begin interviewing my peers and faculty members. This was the first time I had been put in a situation like this and therefore, had NO idea what to expect. Well!...Let me tell YOU! This was a learning experience, to say the least! I had no idea where to begin or what story to take off with. Prof. Jerz gave me the idea about interviewing three different people--one who read the book and liked it, one who read the book and disliked it, and one who didn't read the book. I immediately took off with this one! I found interviewing my peers to be more difficult then i had expected. I did not have a tape recorder and had to write down every word that came out of their mouth. I got through it, though and that's the only thing that matters...right?! I was happy with the outcome of my news article. It came a long way. If anyone wants to read it to find out what students who read the book said, just blog me!

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