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October 23, 2005

AP Guide to News Writing -- Chapter 11

"If you feel the decorative impuse coming on, lie down until it goes away."
This quote was too cute NOT to put in. It brought a smile to my face because of how it was stated. I learned from this chapter that strong feature writing is simple and clear yet orderly and free of those mannerisms that we all have. (For instance, the writer should not be making a blueprint for his or her article. Instead, just let everything come natural and by itself.)

In features the point of the article may be postponed. However, in a straight news story there is never any doubt of the point that is trying to be played across.

"The news story starts from an event. The feature story starts from an idea."

"I find it helpful to copy down emotions, observations and passing thoughts on how I feel about what I'm witnessing or hearing, mainly because I may never feel that way again when I sit down to write," he has said. "I take endless notes on everything I hear and see and smell and think or moon about."
This statement reminds me of how the reporter acted as she asked the Katrina victem about where his wife was. (If anyone remembers, she got very emotional and almost broke down on camera.)

"Good feature writing proceeds from good reporting."

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