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October 10, 2005

Elements of Journalism (6-8)

Out of the three main forms of investigative journalism: original investigative reporitng, interpretative investigative reporting, and reporting on investigations, I personally would be most interested in "reporting on investigations." I feel reporting on investigations would be a very upbeat job. For one, the news reporter would always be covering a topic that atleast SOMEONE is interested in...whether it be a friend or relative...and secondly, this type of investigative journalism would keep the reporter extremely busy and on top of his or her work.

Just a comment on Chapter 7...
Although I do enjoy reading the news and the cold hard facts, I find an interest in readint the opinion columns in the newspaper. The opinion columns able a member of the community to share their thoughts about an upcoming community project or allow a journalist to express how he or she truly feels about a situation. There was a man by the name of Mike O'Brien who wrote for Somerset's Daily American. I loved reading his articles when they discussed his opinions. ...How do you feel?

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