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October 12, 2005

Homecoming Pitch

What Happened to the Homecoming Queen?
By Elyse Branam
“A tongue-in-cheek spoof of beauty pageants with couples from various campus organizations competing for the coveted King of the Hill and Queen of the Hill crowns. The audience is sure to be in stitches with these hilarious antics as we select our 2nd annual King and Queen of the Hill,” was a topic that was posted on the Seton Hill University’s website.
As students walked towards Cecilian Hall at 9:00 on Friday night, many were upset when they found an empty room. Obviously, word had not spread about the cancellation of the crowning of the King and Queen on the Hill.
“I was shocked when I realized that there wasn’t going to be a Queen of the Hill. At my high school, homecoming was such a huge event. I would have never thought of not having a Homecoming Queen…” a bystander said.
A Homecoming Court usually consists of seniors. In high school, 17- or 18-year-old students in their final year are represented while college students, who are completing the last year of study, are represented.
Local rules determine when and where the Homecoming Queen and King are crowned. Sometimes, the awaited announcement ends a pep rally or school assembly. Other schools crown their royalty at a Homecoming football game or dance.
“How can a University like Seton Hill have a whole weekend dedicated to Homecoming and Family Day with at least fifteen activities planned and not have a Homecoming Queen? Is this the way things are going to be in the upcoming years?” Rachel Grime, a freshman who lives in Brownlee, said.
Cory Bowser, a freshman from Somerset, Pennsylvania said, “In my high school, I found the crowning of the Homecoming Queen to be a fun and exciting experience. Seeing the court dressed up and walking down the track with their handsome dates in one hand and their five-year old escorts in the other always makes any student’s night a memorable one.”
Classmates traditionally nominate students who have gone above the call of duty to make their school seem like a worthwhile environment. Once the Homecoming Court candidates are announced over a loud speaker the entire student body votes for the Queen and King with a secret ballot.
“I wanted to run for Homecoming Queen with my friend, AJ, who lives upstairs. We had this amazing idea. I was going to wear a black suit and he was going to wear a dress that would be purchased from The Salvation Army. We were going to tell “your mom” jokes and hopefully win the contest. I was upset when I heard that the contest was canceled, but in the same note, I realize that college students have busy schedules and tend to be oblivious to what is going on around them.” Jill, a freshman from Brownlee, said.
The crowning method differentiates between schools. At some schools, the previous royalty will walk behind the nominated court before going up to the winner and placing a crown on her head. In another case, an emcee may read the name of the winner, again with the past royalty crowning her.
Many students at Seton Hill are beginning to wonder how the crowning method will come into play next year during Homecoming.
“If Seton Hill has a homecoming queen next year, who will crown her? I hope the University has a contest next year. It was something that was missed by the students who wanted to attend.” Lauren Hall, a resident of Seton Hill, said.

Posted by ElyseBranam at October 12, 2005 08:06 PM


Good article.

However, "King" and "Queen" seem a bit too umm.. bourgeois for me to handle. Plus, those things always seem like popularity contests, i.e. "Who's Who" on the tiny world of the Hill. Not everyone wants recognition for their physical attributes, anyways. Why is it that the most handsome men and most beautiful women are always the homecoming court? Can't you be physically unattractive or dress differently from current marketing trends and still have school spirit?

Hmmm.... I love SHU, but you're not gonna catch me in Abercrombie. ;-)

Posted by: Mike at November 27, 2005 02:06 AM

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