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October 23, 2005

It Ain't Necessarily So (Prologue, Intro, Chapter 1)

Caveat Lector -- "Let the reader beware"

I now understand that in order to fully understand the news and its headings, one must learn the culture of media and the process by which news is made. What does that mean? Well, that is what we, as a class, are going to find out by reading this book. "The primary goal of this book is to reveal the inner workings -- the choices, judgements, arrangements, spinnings, deletions, and framings -- of the news process as it engages with research-based portraits of our world."

The first part of this book stressed about "gatekeepers." Gatekeepers are the third parties that intervene between the news consumer and the source. These parties monitor, condense, evaluate, and recast information for us, sparing us the trouble and guiding us past pitfalls.

"While we must attend to the "who, what, when, where, and why" that affect our daily lives, we must also remember not to treat them as self-evident "found objects" of our experience."

With this being said, the author leaps into another statement, "Everyone is familiar with the observation that the closer we are to event that makes the news, the less satisfied we are with the coverage."
*This poses as a true statement because when a news event hits home, that article would be valued as more of an emotional article because the people who are reading the news are going to feel a certain way about what they are reading and will have questions as to why something was or was not displayed in the article. I have seen this happen several times in my hometown newspaper.

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