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November 20, 2005


"While its possible to learn something from a focus group, or scientific survey, those techniques don't add up to listening." (Page 69)

I couldn't agree more with this quote! I can learn about a topic or subject from a group discussion or a survey (even if the survey isn't necessarily correct all the time). However, I can learn about something if someone is explaing it and I am listening. Journalism however if different. It's hard to read the newspaper and hear the journalists tone that is in his or her voice or seeing the facial expressions when one listens to someone while reading his or her face. Any additional comments?

Posted by ElyseBranam at November 20, 2005 04:16 PM


Elyse, great quote from the chapters. I agree that you can learn from a discussion group, but really getting involved and listening is much better. I do disagree with your comment that you can't get a certain tone from a journalists article. I think that you can. Ehh..just an opinion.

Posted by: Leslie Rodriguez at December 2, 2005 03:00 AM

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