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November 08, 2005


Hello again! My name is Elyse Branam and I am a freshman at Seton Hill University. Hopefully you will enjoy reading my third blog portfolio just as much as my second blog portfolio. I am an english major and I am blogging about my News Writing (EL227) class that is taught by Professor Jerz.

The entries you are going to view are posted to the public and reflect what Professor Jerz discussed with the class. The following areas of writing will be discussed in my portfolio:

ElC's Collection:

For my coverage/depth entry, I chose quite a few entries to discuss. My first one deals with The AP Guide To News Writing and Chapter Eleven. I discuss how journalists should not try to make their article as "decorative." Instead, a journalist should make his or her story straight and to the point.

My second coverage/depth entry is about the book, It Ain't Necessarily So, and deals with the Prologue, Introduction, and Chapter One. I mention and discuss "gatekeepers", what the book will talk about, and how to "let the reader beware." Don't you understand what I'm talking about? Then READ on!!

My third coverage/depth entry talks about the book, It Ain't Necessarily So, and deals with Chapters Two and Three. In these two chapters, I discuss how many times journalists tend to include too many facts instead of letting the "unimportant" facts out of the article. I also give the definitions of "broad scope" and "tomato statistics."

My next coverage/depth entry discusses the book, It Ain't Necessarily So, and deals with Chapters Six and Seven. In this entry, I discuss how journalists tend to use polls to give information. However, some polls are not all what they are cracked up to be...

For my last coverage/depth entry, I discussed the AP Guide To News Writing book that dealt with Chapters Nine and Ten. I discuss how a journalist shouldn't use metaphors or cliches. Instead, they should try to be creative and try to use their own words and sentences to describe an incident that happened.

ElC's Other Entries:

I thought this entry had a really good BEAT about it! I learned, basically, when covering a crime, if the victim doesn't bleed then the journalist should not write or report about the incident.

What an activity?! This in-class activity was a fun and interesting way to look at how a journalists report and write a crime article. I had no idea how much...or how LITTLE...time a journalist had to write such an article.

In Conclusion to the book, It Ain't Necessarily So, I talk about how I truly did enjoy reading this book and discussing it in class with my peers and Professor Jerz. "Let the reader beware!"

I really enjoyed Amanda's presentation infront of our class. She did an outstanding job and it was amazing to see how much love she had for news writing and journalism. I was lucky to have her comment on my own entry as well. :)

ElC's Blogged Class Articles:

Interested in reading my own articles? Would you like to find out What Happened to the Homecoming Queen? Do you think Cheerleading Should be called a Sport?

ElC's Xenoblogging:

Comment Primo~ I commented on Mike's blog about his PRESENTATION REFLECTION that was done in class. It was interesting and entertaining and I always seem to enjoy the twists he places on his words and sentences.

Comment Informative~ I commented on Stormy's blog because I could connect well with her entry. She opened my eyes because until I read her article, I always thought that journalists DID try to make a mountain out of a molehill ALL THE TIME. However, that is not necessarily true, as per Stormy's blog.

The Link Gracious~ Even though I already used this entry, I would like to use it again in my "link gracious." I explained how enthused Amanda was when she lectured to our News Writing class. After reading Denamarie's entries about Amanda and her lecture, I commented on her blog. Want to find more about it? It's only a click away!!

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