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December 02, 2005

The Final One!!

Hello again! My name is Elyse Branam and I am a freshman at Seton Hill University. Hopefully you will enjoy reading my fourth and final blog portfolio just as much as my first, second, and third blog portfolio. I am an english major and I am blogging about my News Writing (EL227) class that is taught by Professor Jerz.

The entries you are going to view are posted to the public and reflect what Professor Jerz discussed with the class. The following areas of writing will be discussed in my portfolio:

El C's Collection:

Because this was a short segment for blogging and the class read only one book, "We The Media" for this portfolio, I only have one coverage and depth entry. This entry was specifically about my presentation because I went into a great deal of details explaining what chapter 12 was about and how it had an effect on my, personally. This entry was probably one of the longest blogs I have ever had and I spent an extreme amount of time on this entry.

El C's Other Entries:

My first entry is about the introduction, chapter one, and chapter two. I reflected on these chapters about how WE are the media and WE are also create the news. I talked about how the both presentors did a great job of defining the chapters and explaining their peer's questions after the presentation.

My second reflection deals with chapters three, four, and five. I talked about this quote: "While its possible to learn something from a focus group, or scientific survey, those techniques don't add up to listening." (Page 69) I couldn't have agreed more with this quote...

My final reflection deals with chapters eight, nine, and ten. I thought this was one of my best reflections in any of the four blog portfolios I have done throughout this semester. I gave sarcasm throughout my entry and it dealed with trolls (I swear I am not one! ;) ), and the intensity that was felt in class that day. It seemed like everyone was participating and every student was paying attention with open ears and eager eyes!

El C's Xenoblogging:
The Ling Gracious~ I placed an entry on Mike's blog because he created an entry about chapter twelve. I thought since I did a presentation on chapter twelve, I could add some of my personal information to the entry. However, for some reason, I couldn't link the actual link. Therefor, I decided just link the actual link right here...:).

Comment Informative~ I chose to choose the comment on my own blog. I interacted with Mike and we had a conversation that was worth while. We talked about trolls and a lot of other information. Professor Jerz also posted a comment on my site. :) This made me happy!! :)

Comment Primo~I chose to write an entry in Leslie's blog about the recent broadway musical that was made into a movie. Rent seems to be a favorite of everyone. I commented in her blog about how I too love to sing and perform but haven't had the chance to see the musical. I hope to see the movie when I return to my hometown.

::--:: Professor Jerz, thank you for everything you have taught me in your News Writing class. I'll admit, you are infact one of the most challenging teachers I have ever had. However, I like the fact that you do challenge your students and aren't a "pushover" like some teacher or even professors. You have made me work to earn every single point in your class. Thank you for being such a great teacher and I look forward to being in your class next semester. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. :) ::--::

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