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April 26, 2006

Resurrection Blues

Miller, Resurrection Blues 2 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

What would happen if Christ were to appear in the world today? Jack, Ralph, Juan Manual Francisco Frederico Ortuga de Oviedo...I'll stick with Jack. I believe Jack is the Jesus Christ that gives people something to live for.

"That depends on what you mean by 'exist'; he certainly exists in the mind of the desperately poor peasant -- he is the liberator; for the General his crucifixion will powerfully reinforce good order, so he must exist...and I know a suicidal young woman of high intelligence who insists that he has restored her will to live, so for her he certainly exists. And needless to say, for you, of course...his execution will sell some very expensive advertising, so you are commited to his existing."

When I read in the Prologue about Jeanine jumping out of a window, I thought that this was because she did not want to live anymore. However, after finding out that she is Jack's girlfriend...or a female that Jack is interested in because he finds females confusing...and men too...but that's a different part, I feel that Jeanine jumped out of the window to try to crucify herself. I am sure Jack was her guidance and because she was with him, she wants to be crucified and become a "light".

I feel that Jack is an escape for the oridnary persons...just like Jesus is today. "I am convinced now apart from getting fed, most human activitiy -- sports, opera, TV, movies, dressing up, dressing down -- or just going for a walk -- has no other purpose than to deliver us into the realm of the imagination. The imagination is a great hall where death, for example, turns into a painting, and a scream of pain becomes a song. The hall of the imagination is really where we live; and this is all right except for one thing -- to enter that hall one must leave one's real sorrow at the door and in its stead surround oneself with images and words and music that mimic anguish but are really drained of it -- no one has ever lost a leg from reading about a battle, or died from hearing the saddest song..."

I believe that Jack is the "light" to all people who chose not to question his magical skills such as walking through a wall to escape jail. Ordinary people do not walk through walls. Speaking of light, I found sexual tendencies when reading the text. Such language can be found on pages 61, 64, 82, and 84. I know that Andy already mentioned one of them in his blog, so I will go into further detail in another one.

"Emily: I know, but what supression has spread down and down and down...until it's finally clobbered...your willy. You're simply going to have to let your feelings out, Felix, is all I'm saying."

I also snickered when Emily and Felix were out to dinner and Emily was talking about how she was interested in how her partner was at making love. Felix never heard of such language coming from a woman and Emily replies: "One needs it when one is not marvelous to look at." As a matter of fact, above the quote in the book, I wrote "Ouch! That's a hit below the belt!" That HAD to hurt his self-confidence...just a little bit?

I will probably be finishing the book tonight...now that I actually OWN a copy! This may sound like a weird prediction for the conclusion, but....I predict that Jeanine was never really alive in the first place. Jeanine is another light and that is why she is with Jack. I also predict that Felix and Emily will go to New York however, Felix will be fired from his job. Hmmm.... :)

Posted by ElyseBranam at April 26, 2006 05:26 PM


Elyse, dont you find it really weird and kind of expected that Jeanine had relations with the son of God. I think that it really makes the book turn in a whole different perspective. Just imagine what it would be like if she just tried to kill herself and had no relations with Jack. I think that you will enjoy the end of the book.

Posted by: Denamarie Ercolani at April 27, 2006 12:08 PM

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