Good Story and Academic Literary Devices? Of Course!

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"The selection and the order of the details in a literary work are crucial to its meaning and TONE.  Because the form of a POEM, a PLAY, or a work of FICTION may look so inevitable and move so smoothly on the page, it is easy to forget that the work is the product of a series of deliberate choices that he author makes in the course of drafting and revising it."

-From Sharon Hamilton's Essential Literary Terms


I completely agree with Hamilton's comment in the above quote.  The great authors that we read in our Literature courses frequently had many drafts of their works and put much time and energy into creating their pieces.   I chose this quote in response to Ally's comments that you can view here.  To paraphrase her comments, she said that perhaps authors sometimes create books "chock full of symbolism" so that people can "dissect" the works, but she "really doubt[s] it."  In the past, I would have agreed with Ally; however I have learned to that instead of creating their works to be "dissected," authors do this to create works that are on more scholarly levels.  Yeah, it is sometimes wonderful to read a story purely for enjoyment of the tale, but I would someday like to write at a scholarly level that would have my work recognized for its great story and for its academic use of literary devices. 

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