Hordes of Hyperlinks Part III: A Final Portfolio

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Welcome to my third and final blogging portfolio for my Introduction to Literary Study course.  This segment of my blogging portfolio encompasses all of the blooging work that I have done during the final portion of this semester.  This portfolio is somewhat shorter than my other two ( Portfolio I, Portfolio II) because we had fewer assignments, but I feel that many of my blogs improved in depth.  I did have less discussion this time despite the increase in depth with some blogs, but this could again be because I was not always one of the first to put my blogs up, or maybe just becasue everyone has been much busier with assignments and other work.  Here are all of my blogs as well as comments I posted on classmates' blogs, broken up as usual into the categories of Coverage, Timeliness, Interaction, Depth, and Discussion.


Coverage: I have tried to be very good about coverage.  I want to make sure that I give credit to each person who wrote the works we are discussing in class, as well as anyone else I quoted or referenced in my blogs.  Here are just a few that I thought were done well, even though every blog had all of the necessary coverage information:

Commas in Wit: This quotes two works we talked about in class.

The End of Ender: Not only did I choose a quote that I put at the start of my blog I also incorporated other quotes within my blog comments.

Sci-Fi Is Actually Real: I refenced three other novels and included the authors of the novels so that if anyone is interested they can find the works themselves. 

I Still Prefer the Oxford English Dictionary: In this blog I referenced definitions from urbandictionary.com, as well as other wesites and blogs that I found the words on.   


Timeliness: I still have not been able to completely improve in this area.  I do get my blogs done on time, but not early, which is what I would have liked.  Here are a few blogs that were on time and early:

The End of Ender

The Bibile and Free Verse?

Hidden Rhymes

I Still Prefer the Oxford English Dictionary

Subplots or Superplots, They All Make a Difference

"One Tiny Little" Problem


Interaction: During the last third of the semester, I had less interation than in the first two semesters.  It's hard to keep up with the competition that is created through the great blogs by my classmates.  However, here are a few blogs where people left some great comments on what I had to say. 

Subplots or Superplts, They All Make a Difference

Sci-Fi is Actually Real

Why Are They Outcasts?


Depth:  I think that I improved most in this category over the third portion of the semester.  Especially when we read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, I found that I could discuss the works in much more depth than I previously could.  Looking at the works from a literary standpoint instead of from a consumer standpoint has really helped me to improve my criitical and analytical skills.  Below are links to some of my more in-depth blogs. 

Hidden Rhymes

The End of Ender

Commas in Wit

 Sci-Fi is Actually Real

The Bible and Free Verse?

Discussion:  The following blogs are classmates blogs on which I left meaningful and interesting comments. I did have fewer this time, but we also had fewer assignments. I also included some where I commented that the blogger helped me to better understand the texts we had read.  I could still work on improving this area of blogging, but I think that overall, I have improved much during the short time that I have experienced blogging.

Angela's Ender's Ugly Transformation

Lauren's Research or a Human Being?

Jeanine's Punctuation Gets Personal


Overall, this blogging experience has been wonderful.  If blogging had not been required for this class, I know I never would have blogged.  I used to have no real interest in anything that had to do with technology, but blogging has really opened my eyes to how valuable experiences such as this one can be.  I enjoyed reading all of my classmates comments and well as I loved contributing my own. Blogging has helped me to better and more deeply express myself in a public venue.  Who knows, I might even continue blogging on my own in the future.  I hope you have enjoyed the blogs that I have written this semester.  If you would like to see more great blogs, take a look at these written by my classmates. 


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