Colonialism Carnival

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No, this title does not mean we are celebrating the antics of Colonialism, but rather we are discussing Colonialism and Imperialism in Herman Melville's Benito Cereno and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.  A few of us saw the same theme popping up in both of these works and have provided discussions at the links below.  Please take a look!


Jenna Miller compared scenes regarding Colonialism from both stories.  She believes that the characters Kurtz and Delano are similar in that the slaves trick the men into think they are in charge, while they, the slaves, slowly take control.  Take a look at her blog called "It's Like Conrad's Book"


In my blog, "A Little Fun and a Little Analysis," I told a fun story about Melville and my sister, and then discussed Melville's style and use of the theme of the upheaval of Colonialism as compared to Conrad's use of the same theme. 


Bethany Merriman discusses the contrast between light and dark in her blog "Are There Clowns." She points out that both Conrad's and Melville's stories have this contrast that relates directly to the skin color of the two races involved in these tales about Colonialism.


See what our other coursemates thought about Herman Melville's "Benito Cereno."


If anyone would like to add to this carnaval, please let me know!


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