Project Proposal

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Jenna and I have two ideas for projects that we have come up with together.  We will propose both of them now, and will do further research and decision making to decide which one of the two we will complete together.


The first one would be a creative project that will be in the form of a collage or some other visual form.  We will use either our own photographs or a combination of our own photos with other mixed media to create a visual criticism in each of five schools (formalism, reader-response, historical, mimetic, and intertextual) of each of the four texts we have focused on in our class this semester.




We will perform a criticism of Jane Austen’s work(s) (probably choosing one specific work) using a combination of historical, intertextual, reader-response, mimetic, and/or formal criticisms in order to decide/prove whether or not/ how her works have been viewed and or manipulated over time.  We will use her novel(s), her other texts such as letters, her biography and history from her time period, as well as films, fan-based fiction, and other professional fictions based on her novel(s) to defend our argument.


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