Term Project Update

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Below you will find updated information regarding Jenna’s and my term project. 


What We Have Done:

o                   Completed preliminary hihstorical and critical research on Jane Austen’s  

            Pride and Prejudice

o                   Read Pride and Prejudice

o                   Watched and taken notes on two of the three movies we wish to use

o                   Organized our plan for the first portion of presentation

·        We will use mainly Author Intent criticism to suggest that Jane Austen was creating a social commentary on financial stability for her time period rather than a romance novel only for women.  We will employ historical, intertextual (of novels during her time period, novels today, and film today), cultural criticism, and mimetic criticism to prove our argument.

o                   Begun to plan the second portion of our presentation that will involve the

filming of our own film segment in order to show the class the variations that modern day directors and/or authors place on the original purpose of the story. 


What We Still Have to Do:

o                   Complete research on Austen’s novel, the films, and the other novels we

            will use within the intertextual criticism section

o                   Watch and take notes on the third movie

o                   Prepare a script, costumes, and props for our film (actors have been


o                   Film movie and edit

o                   Possibly place the movie on YouTube or on a website for feedback

o                   Create apresentation for the class


Wow, this sounds really great! I love Jane Austen and can't wait to listen to your presentation. I'm particularly curious about what you two are planning for your own movie version--I'm sure it will be entertaining :) Also, I like your focus on Austen's novels as a cultural commentary rather than just romance novels. While romance does play a role in her novels, I agree that there is so much more to them than just that and that men can enjoy her novels too. I'm interested to see what you have to say about this last bit--men enjoying Jane Austen--because I'm sure this may arise as a problem for me in the future if I ever have to teach one of her works, or the work of another female author that the high school male might be typically be reluctant to appreciate (like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, or The Awakening)

Greta Carroll said:

Erica and Jenna, I am quite interested in your project as I too am a big Jane Austen fan. I really like how you chose to focus on showing how relatable Austen is. Too often I think people write her off as appealing only to other females. I have several male friends though, who have read Austen’s work and really liked them. I think she does create stories which are not just intended for a female audience. I mean sure Pride and Prejudice is about Elizabeth, but it is also about Darcy. There’s a lot more going on in the story than a simply romance. I am curious about your film as well, it sounds like it’s going to be a good project. Just curious though, besides Bride and Prejudice, what other movies are you using?

Angela Palumbo said:

It sounds like you ladies have a great idea here. I hope you have enough time to execute everything that you want to get done. I especially like how you plan to make a film. I look forward to your presentation.

Bethany Merryman said:

Jane Austin!! I'm glad you guys did this, I know how much you love her! It sounds very interesting and I look forward to seeing the final product in class. Good luck on your film, it sounds like a lot of fun!!

Sue said:

This sounds so great, I'm sure it will be. I have never read any of Jane Austin's stuff but would like to.

This sounds great! I'm looking forward to seeing your film. Can't wait to see what you do in class, you two sound as though you really enjoyed this project.

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