A Big Suprise from Interactive Fiction

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Much to my surprise after looking at the ELO collection, I really enjoyed the experience of playing Deadline.  I actually tried to play it twice.  The first time, I was not very enthused by it because it kept telling me that should know certain information, and this was not how a case should be conducted by an inspector like me.  I also had some trouble with the commands.  I kept typing “look around” and other phrases that the game did not understand.  I also found it difficult to move around the spaces without actually looking at them.  Still, I explored the house, talked to people, and generally enjoyed the game. 

However, I decided that this time, I would not let my initial reactions get to me.  I watched the video of Dr. Jerz and his son again, but this time focused much more on the ways that Peter was figuring out what commands to use, what objects to look at, and how to move around the rooms.  Then, I started Deadline again.  I enjoyed it so much more this time.  I know that I was still terrible at it, but I was learning how to move throughout the text word.  I realized how it appealed more to my mental faculties than my sensory ones, which was difficult because I am mainly a bodily-kinesthetic learner rather than a linguistic or spatial one, but the challenge was rewarding each time I discovered something new.  I did not get very far (I didn’t want to “cheat” by looking up suggestions online), but it was still fun for me. 

I did look up the storyline after I finished for the day, though.  I saw suggestions, such as to use the word “accuse,” and I had never even thought of anything like this, which shows how different our games today are.  In fact, most games that I have played, role-playing games that are similar to this game, have been much less free.  They seemed to direct me along a straighter path towards the end of the story.  In fact, I looked around a bit, but could not find out how Deadline does end.  Is the same person always guilty?  Were any of you able to beat the game?  I think that the fact that I want to know the answers to these questions but could care less what happens at the end of Final Fantasy or Call of Duty shows that Deadline was a well made game.

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