But Teacher, Aren't We Supposed to Share?

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One of the other major issues with eBook readers is that once a book is bought, it cannot be shared.  The only reader that offers these capabilities (at least according to my basic research) is the nook, which allows you to share your books with friends for up to 14 days at a time.  This is a critical element that is necessary in classrooms where funding is limited and where picture book libraries offer important supplements to the curriculum.  Yes, free copies of books in the public domain are available, but few of these are picture books or books for young people.


This idea of sharing brings up many other questions too.  For instance, what are libraries going to do?  Barnes and Noble offers free in-store access to reading, but this technology is not yet available to libraries.  One benefit may eventually be no more late books, but not unless libraries are given or develop a way to loan eBooks to patrons.  Also, how many friends can share the same book at a time?  These are all issues that will have to be addressed as eBooks develop.


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