Final Portfolio---Ever!

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Welcome to my last blogging portfolio for Topics in Media and Culture: The History and the Future of the Book!  In fact, it is my last blogging portfolio ever!  Although this makes me a little less happy than I thought it would, it is nice to be able to showcase my accomplishments during the last third of the semester.  I have included some of the blogs I wrote for class, some that I wrote for other classes, and finally, a blog about my final paper.  I hope you enjoy it!


-Topics in Media and Culture blogs:


I Really Don't Get What the Big Deal Is:  In this blog, I discuss my initial reactions to the Memex as well as my thoughts about Michael K. Buckland’s essay “Emanuel Goldberg, Electronic Document Retrieval, And Vannevar Bush's Memex”


Will iPads, nooks, or Kindles be a Common Sight in Classrooms of the (Not So Distant) Future?: Here, I discuss my thoughts about eBook readers in future classrooms, as well as my experiences with them.  


eBook Readers and the Future of Education: This blog that made up part of my creative presentation is based on some of the ideas in the previous blog, so take a look at my thought process.



-This section based a project that my Senior Seminar class created.  Take a look at what I gained from it, as well as what others learned:


My Visit with Margie


Seniors Helping Seniors


-This is a blog about my final paper for Topics in Media and Culture


Text as Art: An Examination of the Development of Typography and a Dualistic Analysis of Text


Take a look at what others have done this semester


Thanks and good luck Erica!

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