Text as Art

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For my final paper, I was inspired by the calligrams I had learned about in a course called Islam: Religion and Culture and by one of Chelsea’s creative projects where she introduced her ideas to us by showing us a piece of artwork by Stephanie Wytovich.  Chelsea related artwork to text, which made me wonder why text never seems to be viewed as art.  At first, I was so excited about the topic that I had a very broad focus.  I thought about researching everything from hieroglyphs to emoticons.  However, as I began my research, I decided to focus on the development of typography and how it allows text to be viewed as artwork.  I discussed early typography from the medieval era and calligrams from the Islamic traditions, moved on to print calligrams and George Herbert’s “Easter Wings,” and discussed how this development would relate to the development of current typographic texts in film and kinetic typography and the development of text in the future.  Although the research process was somewhat difficult because there are not very many people who have written about this topic specifically, it was rewarding because I was able to link ideas about the four stages of communication which we discussed in this class to an idea that I was developing based on research, but extending beyond current research.  I think that I was able to successfully synthesize what we have discussed in class with my own research interests to create an interesting and academic paper.  



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