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Multimedia Project

Performing Arts Center

Multimedia Video: Performing Arts Center


     The Performing Arts Center is an impressive gift to students. Its architecture and design are both pleasing and inspirational, allowing students to truly reach for the stars. Opportunities abound here for those interested in theater, dance, and music. As a result of this hope of a bright future, students such as myself feel and experience so much life in the center. The facility positively teems with hopes and dreams of both tomorrow and the distant future alike. The students that I have had the opportunity to meet have such dedication to and joy in their chosen interest that it is evident in their every move and word. The atmosphere at the Performing Arts Center is one of enthusiasm for knowedge, a feat of which is not easily accomplished. 

    I am not a music, dance, or theater major. However, I do have a love of music, and I take a private piano class once a week. Even as a result of this one class, I am able to take part in the center. I have the option of taking the shuttle or walking down the scenic hill to the town of Greensburg where the Performing Arts Center resides. Gorgeous Steinway pianos await me, populating the facility with their pristine charm. I love coming to the center to practice the piano between classes, marveling at my luck to be able to play on state-of-the-art equipment. The faculty have are all been so kind and helpful to me, willing to share their extensive knowledgable with any student who truly cares for it. I absolutely adore my small involvement in the center, and I am very grateful for this opportunity to experience and utilize it. -Erin Mullen

I recall a time when I took a virtual tour of the new theater and arts center. The place was still under construction, so it was a private tour. Entering my junior year of high school, I was glad to be one of the first to actually see the inside of the brand new theater and arts center. I recall walking down the large hallways and remembering the color of the cinderblock walls. I can remember walking through the main lobby, feeling the texture of the carpet.

            It was amazing to actually see some of the greatest architecture in all of Greensburg. One of the greatest things I have ever seen was the concert hall. It was designed carefully to balance out the sound quality while maintaining its beautiful structure. The concert hall featured a beautiful grand piano that was off limits for all student unless one was given permission. I remember looking upon the panels and how the towering sides flowed smoothly like the clouds. The concert hall represents the journal that will keep the memories of artist and musicians. The concert hall will always represent the memories that will secrete within the walls.

            I keep in mind taking a walk within the classes of future students and faculty, remembering all the modernized technology that would soon educate all admitted. The Steinway pianos were all safe within the practice rooms along with the piped practice organ that hid in its very own cabinet. I remember the offices that lay along side the classrooms and the fancy computers that would fill those classrooms. I can remember how modern and up to date the place was. This theater and art center was indeed fantastic. -Patrick Sheffler


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Great Job here. Your video is basically commercial ready. Words I'd use to describe: crisp, focused, exciting. Did you guys submit to the challenge?

Where do you submit? Just post it on Youtube right?

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