Allusions: The Lazy Writer's Way to Create Depth

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"An allusion is a passing reference in a work of literature to another literary or historical work, figure, or event, or to a literary passage" ( Hamilton 74).

I think allusions are often used by lazy writers to create some sort of depth in their writing.  Truthfully, allusions do create a layer of depth in a story, but that layer is shallow by itself.  Could you imagine a story filled with only allusions?  The story would be boring to read, shallow, and unoriginal to boot!  Instead, I think allusions should on a suplemental basis, sort of like icing on a cake.  When allusions are used correctly, they help create a well-rounded character or story. The reader best heed my advice lest he or she wants to become the next Thomas Hardy (relax, it's only a joke).

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