Hello, My Name is...Dirt?

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Opps, I meant to say Ethan!  Actually, my middle name is dirt.  Just kidding. Truthfully, my middle name is Clay.  Anyways, I learned a great number of things since I have joined the introduction to literary study class.  For those of you who do not know, the class discusses and examines works of literature.  The discussion and exmination parts of the class were nothing new to me, but the process of blogging about literature sure was new!  At first, I thought the process blogging was confusing.  Now, I have a better grasp on how to blog.  In order to demostrate my blogging skill, I will provide the articles listed below:


Henchard the Vampire 



Satan the Misfit

The Most Dangerous Waltz


The Big Question


Deadly Sin

The Dark Sleep


Locked up

As always, I will provide my wonderful readers with a link to the EL150 site.

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I'm glad to hear you feel more comfortable with your blog. You have offered many good insights on your blog and in class, so it's clear to me you have some experience with literary interpretation. Clay is a great name -- it sounds classical and suggests ancient skill and wisdom!

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