Learning Through Suffering

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"God's economy causes much suffering his human creations" (Monteiro, Katherine A. "Dickinson's 'Victory Comes Late'.") 

The question is often asked, "why did God allow this to happen?"  My answer: sometimes suffering, as painful as it may be, teaches valuable lessons. I will use the American Civil War as reference.  Let's say that God snapped his fingers and never allowed the war to happen.  What do you think would happen?  That's right, nothing would happen!  Most African Americans would still be slaves, and that would be a far greater injustice than war.  By allowing the war to happen, God effectivly tore away the rosy veil that covered slavery.  Before the war, the south was convinced that slavery was just a form of spiritual gruardianship.  By the end of the war,  slavery revelved its true form: a disgusting and inhumane business.  Without suffering, the world would not be a better place.

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