Past Possessive

The context of this quotation presents a very interesting role reversal. The fact that Marjorie considers Warren to be her property is the complete opposite of how women viewed men during the time period in which this story was written. During that period, men often considered women to be property. Prehaps the quote was meant to shock the reader.


Good point, Ethan. Students often want to use "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" to illustrate a point about male oppression, but as you point out, in this story Warren is merely an object, not a fully realized character with his own motivations. That is something of a reversal.

From this page, I can't see what quotation you are talking about, so for future agenda items, be sure to 1) include your quotation here, not just on the course page and 2) include a link from this page to the course page.

You bring up a good point. Girls have only recently begun to say "he's mine" and put that kind of an owners label on their guy. (Ever since that "The Boy is Mine" song by Brandy and Monica I guess, haha)

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