The Real Killer


"I wonder how it would seem never to have had any children around. (Pause.) No, Wright wouldn't like the bird--a thing that sang. She used to sing. He killed that, too."  While the reader never truly figures who the killer of Mr. Wright, the real killer of the story is actually Mr. Wright himself.  Just think about: Wright basically murdered his career as a singer when he married her.  Interestingly, this not the only death in the story.  In fact, the whole story filled allusions of death.  From the death of a kitten to death of a child, death surrounds the women of the story.

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Wow, amazing insight! When you look at the story straight on, it defiently seems likes his wife was the murderer, but when you look at it from the perspective of literature, his death can be self inflicted or metaphorical.

Good analysis :)

I always look at things very literally and thought that Mrs. Wright was the the one and only murderer. However, nothing is ever so straight forward. You brought about a good point. There were so many more things that were killed and more than one killer. It is an interesting way to look at the story.

You're exactly right. There is a lot of murdering going on in this story, from people and animals to murdering someone's soul. I think the worst kind of murder is to murder someone's soul, which is why I thought Mr. Wright was the true murderer, and Minnie was just trying to liberate herself. However, I don't endorse murder of any kind though.

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