The Gluttony of Shakespeare

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"[Shakspeare] is everywhere, in every literary form you can think of" (Foster 38).  Western society always uphold Shakespeare as some god-like figure in literature.  The people proclaim him to be a savior because renewed interest in the classical plays of old.  The people will also gave him the title of wise teacher, for Shakespeare's words are not just a collection of words, they are also tools meant for instructing others.  Let me add another title to the list: glutton.  To me, Shakespeare is the great consumer of ideas.  To put simpler terms, Shakespeare took all that ever was and ever will be in inventive literary thinking and gobbled it all up for himself. Because of Shakespere, a writer has very little wiggle room to think creativity.  All a writer can do nowadays is to knee down before the throne of Shakespeare and accept the bard's regrujetation of ideas.  Western literature would be much better off if that blasted Englishman had not had not come along!  BY THE WAY, THIS WAS A JOKE, SO DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

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Katie Vann said:

Ethan, I thought your comment was very interesting. I loved your statement "Western literature would be much better off if that blasted Englishman had not had not come along!", although my feelings from this quote were more directed at my horrible experiences with Shakespeare in high school (had it not been for that "blasted Englishman" I would have enjoyed high school English much more). I agree with you completely. Shakespeare's writings and plays have become the source for almost every single piece of literature. If I were to go write something origiganl of my own, using no resources or outside help, someone who was critizing my work would still be able to make a connection to Shakespeare. Its kind of annoying to think about. As a writer, sometimes I think I have a greatly and truly unique idea, only to find out that someone had written about it long ago. One time during high school, I had to watch a countdown of the 100 most influential people of the past. Shakespeare was in the top five. At that time I wondered, with all the great inventors, scientist, war heroes, and other influential people this word had seen, how did a writer end up in the top five? Well, now I know. He influences everything anyone writes even to this day.

Tiffany Gilbert said:

Ethan, I like your quote "Western society always uphold Shakespeare as some god-like figure in literature." I agree that we think highly of Shakespeare, but I think we should. His works are still read today. He has impacted history and literature as a whole. Even though in today's society, television satire introduces Shakespeare in a different way, it is still good ol' Billy they are talking about.

This post is awesome. But its so true, William did hog it all way before any of us even got to try. But I must say, he probably did better than any of us ever could have anyway, since after all we are learning from his ways of writing.

Kayley Dardano said:

I agreed with Ethan at first but people can build off of Shakespeare's Plays its just that they don't, well not as much as they should. Nonetheless he started them off in the write direction.

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