A Twist


"No.  No.  It couldn't be any baby" ("Good Fortune" 78).

This just in, Flannery O'Connor can end a story without someone dying!  I know, isn't it just absolutly shocking?  The real twist in story is how  Ruby reacts to knowledge of her pregenancy.  She acts like she is slowly dying when she learns figures what is happening.  she even wails and moans about her "good fortune."  Talk about overreacting!  Prehaps her lamentions are not centered on the child, but instead are centered her loss of freedom.

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I wasn't surprised at Ruby not being happy about being pregnant simply because she is so unhappy in general. She should see her being pregnant as a sign of youth which she fails to do. She has the opportunity to create a life and give them a better life than she thought she had.

It is interesting that many of O'Connor's stories end with a death, whereas this one ends in a new life. However, I feel bad for the baby because it is going to be brought into a family with a self absorbed mother who does not even want to have children.

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