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"Drug testing is another routine indignity.  Civil libertarians see it as a violation of our Fourth Amendment freedom from 'unreasonable search' (Ehrenreich 209).

Actually, I side with the companies on this issue.  I mean, a company has know if you are going to be depenable in a work enviroment.  If you are a risk, then that might damage the company's profits.  Secondly, drug testing is not an "unreasonable search." It is up to the person who is taking the job to go to the drug test.

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I agree that drug testing is not unreasonable. It you have nothing to hide, then it shouldn't matter. Companies need to know what kind of people they havw working for them.

Ethan, I agree with you, it is the employer’s right to know. Why should they hire you if you are addicted to some drug? Such practices can lead to theft, undependability, etc. I wrote about the same topic in my blog, you might want to check it:
As you can see, Ehrenreich has her own drug problem. And I can’t help but wonder that if she didn’t have her own “indiscretion”, that she might not be so fanatical about this issue.

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