No Breaks

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"[...] there are no breaks at Jerry's" (Ehrenreich 30). 

I find it horrible that some workers never get any breaks.  Workers are not machines.  Anyone who does work needs some time to disengage from it.  Otherwise, the worker becomes too stressed out and cannot perform at their optimal level.  As a result, the product the business is trying to sell suffers as well.  In the end, it is a lose/lose situation.

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I know how hard it is to work without breaks. I worked at a Halloween store during October of my senior year and that last Saturday before Halloween (black Saturday, we called it) everyone was scheduled to work 8 hours, at least. I got lucky and worked open to four or so, so at least I didn't have to worry about the evening flow and cleaning up, but because of how crowded our store was that day, no one got a break unless we really, REALLY had to pee, and even then it could only be a few minutes. Even though our managers did buy us pizza, we had to eat on the floor, while attempting to help out customers at the same time.
It's HORRIBLE to work 8 straight hours while having customers complain at you for not having the little fireman costume for their son in the right size the Saturday before Halloween without breaks. I don't suggest doing so.

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