The Cost of Happiness


"The job may end up costing you more than it pays you" (Lemire 229).

You'll often the phrase: how much money will I get?  Oddly enough, you rarely hear the question: will this job this job make me happy? It's sad, really.  People often consider money to be the pathway to hapiness.  Money, while it helps you pay the bills, is just goverment mandated paper.  While some are successful in following this paper road to the end, many people are left broken (in more ways than one) as result of this shallow quest.  Next time you're tempted to ask for the salary information, ask yourself one question: what is cost of hapiness for this job?

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Ethan, I love the visuals you give here to describe your feelings. I also feel the same way. I actually posted similar feeling on my blog for this reading at the following address if you'd like to check it out.
Your comment on others being "broken" when they choose money over job enjoyment is really great. People so often think that they want to be rich and then when they get there they are so unhealthy (mentally and physically) and worn out that they cannot enjoy it. I would rather chose a job that would support me, but one that I would also love.

My dad falls too easily into the category of people who may have a nice salary but are completely unhappy. He's the general store manager at a car dealership. Although he is paid well, he pays a price for what he earns. He works at least 62 hours a week and absolutely hates his job. I don't want to become like that; I would rather have a smaller paycheck and enjoy with my career.

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