In All Fairness...


"Fairness is a wonderful attribute, Major Anderson.  It has nothing to do with war" (Card 97). 

As the games in battle room get tougher, Ender seems to rise the occassion.  However, I noticed that in every one of Ender's chapters, he loses more and more of his identity.

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I don’t know Ethan, I think Ender still is holding onto his identity strongly. He struggles and fights to keep it in a ongoing battle, but I don’t think he is losing it. His identity is still there, he just must also adapt to the new challenges he faces. But underneath it all he still does not want to be like Peter, and he still worries about being kind.

I agree with Gretta. I don't think that he's losing it yet. He seems to be holding onto it pretty strong if you ask me. Or at least trying to.

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