Portfolio 2: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Blog

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Greetings, everyone!  It is that special time of year again!  The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the second portfolios are due!  In my last entry, I expounded upon my budding skills as skills as a blogist.  The second portfolio follows the theme.  Since the last portfolio, my blog entries have gotten more imformative, thought provoking, and dare I say wittier?  Remember: if you don't read my portfolio, the terrorists win!


The Lonely Little Colon

Good, Bad, I'm Just The Guy(or Girl) That Drives The Plot

Oh Baby!


Thomas Hardy

Just a Good Ol' Boy



Kaitlin Monier's Comment on New Developments

Never More


The Cost

Two Mouths, One Mind

Washed Away

The Holy Hand Grenade!



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