"There's a war going on here" (Card 301).

Isn't it funny how the Earth's goverment seems to fall apart right after their glorious victory on the buggers?  Perhaps Card was trying to make the point that humans only band together when their lives are threaten.  As Card implies, that union ends when the danger has disappeared.  This fictional event reminds me of the outcome of an all too real war: World War II.  After WWII, allied nations slipt abruptly, and US quickly became the emenies of the USSR (Russia) and vicsa versa. 

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That's right, Ethan -- nothing unites people like a common enemy, and once that common enemy is defeated, factions will scramble for power.

Ethan, I totally think you're right. After all, how long did it take after 9/11 for everyone to go back to their normal, self-centered lives? How long after the towers fell did we stop donating money and singing "God Bless America"? How long was it before we declared war? Yes, when we're threatened, we band together, but sadly, once we're no longer "threatened", we fall apart instantly. Pathetic, right?

That is interesting, I never thought about it that way.

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