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The name "Tech/Videogame Blog" just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?  No?  Well, the good news is the title is place holder now and will probably change in the future (fingers crossed!).  The even better news is Seton Hill finally has a blog dedicated to tech and videogame!  Of course, if by chance another student has a blog with similar interests,  then consider mine a supplement to their's.  However, keep in mind that their blog probably sucks and mine is cooler than Chuck Norris to the power of ten.  So, the question arises: How do I convoy this absurb level of awesomeness through this blog?   The answer is more than just writing about video games.  In order to appreciate the medium to its fullest extent, one must train their eyes towards it.  To put it simply, Video games are often seen before they are heard.  I will fulfill this goal by using the magic of the internets to show the latest and greatest in video game culture.  Harazd yet forward!


So your unique spin on video games will be to break news or report breaking news about upcoming games? I don't know if you've considered this, but you could also post reviews of games you like or new games. I am a casual gamer (very casual), but I always enjoy reading some else's take on a game before I buy it.

hrm...well, if you like that idea you could vary the length of reviews. you could just review a portion of a game - like the soundtrack, the "live" or "interactive" capabilities of it, the amount of gameplay, or whatever it is that you like best in a video game - sometimes in just a paragraph. some blog entries will inevitably be longer than others (say if you find a game that's really bad or good), of course.

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