Analyzing the New Devil May Cry Trailer

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The internet can be ruthless sometimes.  One minute, the forums are lifting up praises towards Heaven.  Next, they're damning heathens to Hell.  Although cyclical, I've hardly even seen a board sustain its hatred for line after line.  The response to the new Devil May Cry trailer was almost entirely negative.  Gamers scoffed at Dante's reimaging.  Where was Dante's ghostly silver locks? Why did he look like an emo kid? How in the world did allow a western developer like Ninja Theory toy with our beloved anti-hero?  The hatred was fiercely strong.  However, I just don't see why everyone is so one edge.  Moreover, I thought the trailer, dare I say it, was kinda cool!  After studying the trailer, I noticed some nice touches in the trailer that the haters might have missed.

1. Through the Darkest Night

The trailer seems to imply a darker tone for the new installment of the series.  Dante is chained between two walls (Jesus pose FTW) and looks visibly beaten while an outside voice continually prods him for his name.  This is long way from surfing on an enemy's face and punching jukeboxes.  Hopefully, Ninja Theory won't take the tone too far and make it like DMC2.  No one wants the cold, lifeless Dante from that game to return.

2. It's Punk, not Emo!

Most the people who commented on the trailer compared Dante's new look to Adam Lambert.  However, this assertion is little off-base.  First off, Dante is not gay (or at least that I know of)!  Secondly, the style Dante sports in the new trailer is not, and I repeat, not emo!  In fact, it's more punk-rock than anything else.  Every time I watched the trailer, I kept thinking I saw a small resemblance to The Clash's Joe Strummer in Dante.  On the other hand, it would be more accurate to say that the new Dante is a combo of Strummer and Sid Vicious.  Either way, it's 100% punk!

3. Environment Akimbo

One of the biggest things to come out of the reveal was Dante's ability to use his environment against the fiends of Hell.  In the trailer, Dante was able to grapple onto a car and fling it at his foes.  The game play of the past games only placed the player in static areas where nothing changed expect for the combo count and the amount of enemies thrown at you.  Now, Dante's world feels more alive.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention the lovely gothic style present within the city.  Truly, it looks like Gotham City ratcheted up to eleven.  But why am I still talking?  Decide for yourself if you like the trailer or not.


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