Bloging is More Than Writing Boring Articles about Stuffy Literature, It is about Having Fun!

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Sadly, if you come to read about the wonderful world of mechanized monsters, you're out of luck.  In reality, this blog is all about video games.  When I joined the Writing for the Internet class, I feared I would be once again stuck writing boring observations about stuffy literature.  Man, was I mistaken!  In order to have a blog, one must first have a subject he or she enjoys!  I realize the strangeness of those words to some in my audience. Don't believe me?  Take a quick glance at the Seton Hill blogs: do you see anything video game-related in those entries?  I saw the need and I fulfilled it because my genuine interest in the topic.  Certainly, the people who wrote those winding, esoteric novels had interests, so why can't I talk about mine?  

However, I don't deny that writing is a process.  Then again, that process can lead to the discovery of new skills.  Here are some of new things I've learned from my time in class:

  • I learned how to use Twitter!
  • Embedding videos into your blog is easy (though getting people to watch them is more challeging)!
  • Commenting on blogs can be fun and profitable!
  • Chuck Norris cannot be taken to the power of ten.  Otherwise, the Earth would instantly be destroyed by his awesomeness.


Are You Not Entertained?!




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Outside Material:

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Fun with a capital F!


Hash Tags a-go-go!


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I think you're very right Ethan. Blogging should be about having fun. And its true that writing is more of a personal action than a process.

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