Quick Impressions: Halo: Reach (Multiplayer)

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So, I finally got to play Halo: Reach this weekend. After the few hours of I've played it, I'm beginning to understand why other gaming journalists are calling this Halo the best yet.  However, don't assume my impressions add upon the mountain of hype that others have built.  In truth, my initial experiences were both fun and frustrating at the same time.

From the moment I pressed the start button, I was amazed by the design of the game. In particular, the menus were extremely well-produced.  Each menu screen reminds the player of the planet Reach's imminent destruction, and the music that accompanies these scenes of inter-planetary Armageddon is rather stirring.  Now, if the menus only possessed pretty pictures but were a hassle to navigate, all this loveliness would be moot.  Thankfully, this is not the case.  Reach's menu design follows in footsteps of Halo 3, it also adds some things too.  For example, the playlist screen now allows players to quickly jump into Fire Fight mode. In short, the menu design helps the game become more streamlined.  Obviously, I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about the gameplay.

In a minimalist sense, Reach is classic Halo mixed Call of Duty.  Don't worry, you won't have to contend with an AC-130 raining death from the sky.  In reality, Halo only burrows the perks system from its rival.  On the other hand, Halo's interpretation of perks permits its players to switch these abilities on the fly.  The notable additions of sprinting (!) and Jetpacks(!!) are fine break from the usual strategy of melee-grenade-spray.  Moreover, these tweaks show Bungie isn't afraid of tinkering with their games.  Although some of their changes were confusing at first. 

First off, Bungie decided to remap the melee button to the right bumper.  This lead to many frantic (and failed) attempts at mashing the B button in the hopes I'd score a hit.  Also, the addition of sprinting into Reach will probably throw off many players' abilities to track their targets.  In terms of weapons, our gracious developer decided to cut the Battle Rifle.  Avid Halo 3 fans are most likely took to ripping their clothes and heaping ashes on their heads when they heard the news.  Fortunately, the DMR is decent replacement.  Of course nothing will ever surpass the power of the three-burst, the single shot precision of the DMR can substitute for a sniper rifle when one isn't handy.  Personally, I had difficultly adjusting the new guns in the game, but the reader can either attribute that to my inexperience or incompetence (your choice). 

To be sure, there are problems still that need to be addressed.  Then again, they're issues every Halo nut has experienced (copious rage-quitting, connection allocation, etc.).  However, don't let these small blemishes ruin your interest in Reach; it's appears to be an expertly fashioned game.



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