We Can't Repel a Remix of this Magnitude!


Anna [Karenina] Ackbar: Level 30 Night Elf  

"Ah, ah, ah! Oo!  Why did it have to be snakes!" he screamed, raging over everything that had happened. And again every detail of his failed forty man raid with his guild was present to his imagination, all the hopelessness of his noob skills, and worst of all, his own fault.

"Yes, my Night Elf guild won't forgive me, and they can't forgive me. And the most fail thing about it is that it's all my fault—all my fault, though I'm not to blame. We couldn't repel firepower of that magnitude!  That's the point of the whole situation, it's a trap!" he reflected. "Two men enter , one man leaves" he kept repeating in despair, as he remembered the acutely painful sensations caused by him getting royally pwned.


Author's note: If you're not familiar with the gaming culture, most of this remix might go flying past your head.  So, I'll enlighten you.  The remix is about a youth whose fear of how others will react to his failure in World of Warcraft greatly burdens his mind.  Likewise, the character in Anna Karenina deals with the same issue.  However, my goal was not to lift the text, but to tear it down and satirize it.  So, how does one about ventilating such venerated literature?  It's simple: you transform something deeply personal into something trivial.  The burden of failure can bring a person to their knees, but when it's framed in a unreal world like WoW, it becomes a mockery.  Also, I added 80's movie references just for the LOLs.  Please keep in mind that my remix is still rough.  So, if you any suggestions, please feel free to add them to the comments below.


I never thought of remixing a video game like this. This is an excellent idea. I like how you played with the intensity of the video game and made it comical.

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