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As you can already can see from my past entries, blogging is nothing new to me.  There was a time in the past when I only wrote about literature.  It's been three years (!!!) since I first started my personal blog, and I only now feel like I'm shaking off the cobwebs that have accumulated over these years.  I'll never get that time back, but at least I'm polishing my technique.  As the blog has progressed, I've been far more detailed with my posts than usual.  Perhaps the responsible part of my brain is finally kicking in.  Joking aside, I've come to realize that not everyone shares my videogames.  I want people to discuss my articles, but I know some of you wouldn't know Ken from Ryu, so I decided appease the larger audience.  I think my newest tech entry should be understandable enough for everyone to comment on.  However, don't assume that my need for a larger audience will force me to return to the crowded "literature blog" space.  My expertise is videogames (and apparently humor too).  I not changing to please anybody.  And really, there is only so much time I can devote to Chaucer; blogging about him would be over-doing it.  



Erin liked my final remix.  I thought it only natural reveal some of the process behind the piece.


Although it wasn't a quick impression, the Halo article did certainly moved beyond "OMG, it's awesome!"


Some of the users over at 1up clarified the circunstances of GT5 delay (my 1up profile is Mask_de_Awesome).

Outside Material:

The Dead Space 2 Collecter's Edition is cool, but I know what would make it even better!


Let me reapeat this for those hard of hearing: I Hate My Dad's PC!


My remix project, nuff said.

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