I Hate My Dad's PC!

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Author's Note: This post is almost a direct copy of a Facebook note I created back in the summer.  However, I have expanded upon it in some places.  Also, it's good to take a break from videogame coverage every once in awhile.


The title is self-explanatory, but I believe my hatred for my father's PC deserves more than a five word description. My ire towards the HP a6000n (that is the name of this lovely beast) was recently revived when I discovered that it had a trouble playing a simple video. Seriously, if a computer can't play a video using flash at an acceptable rate (this clunker can't get past 15 fps), then it should probably be tossed into the trash. Of course this isn't its only handicap; in fact, it suffers from a host of issues which include:

1. The mouse's cursor speed is pitifully slow.  I never knew it was possible to screw something this simple up. 
2. The keyboard feels cheap and its keys feel clunky.  It feels like my fingers are pressing against floor tiles.  
3. The CD drive is broken.  My dad is too technologically deficient to install a new one. 
4. The PC came with 1 GB of RAM (really, with Visa installed, REALLY?!).
5. The monitor has died at least once (and has risen again just like Jesus).
6. Some idiot at HP decided to leave the Aero interface enabled despite the PC's aforementioned lack of RAM.
7. The on-board video is terrible (hence its slowness)
8. It doesn't have Microsoft Word (WHYYYY?!).  Then again, that problem would easily fixed if the CD drive worked.  Oh well, it's nice to want things.

If there wasn't my Dad's PC, I would drag it behind the shed and administer some Office Space-style justice on this junk. I think I've made my hatred abundantly clear.  On the good side, I think my blood pressure returned to an acceptable levels.  Perhaps the same health benefits could be passed on to my audience.  So, do any of you have certain pieces of technology that you love to loathe?

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