Multimedia Writing Piece

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A blow from the wind's trumpet

announces Nature's arrival.

Wooden shutters clap vigorously

at sight of the army of dark  clouds

slowly marching towards the horizon.


The women in the chair

cares nothing for this procession,

but her computer silently rebels.



delayed absolution


harsh words followed by

an irritated beep 


A face buried into the desk,

lips cursing the name of Dell


the modern woman's face brought low,

a slave to technology.


Suddenly, there's a peck

on her shoulder.

She turns around

anticipating jeers,

but instead faces

only a LCD screen.


Its outer shell

handsomely square

and glistening like obsidian.


Curious, her finger

tapped its face.

Suddenly, immense power

flowed into her.


Google, MSN, and lolcats

were within reach

all neatly inscribed on

the petite monolith.


After the storm,

she had ceased to be

just a mere woman

her and the iPad were one

the marriage of

machine and man complete.


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