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So, it's another lazy sunday.  You know what makes this day even better?  The extended weekend, of course!  With the extra time given to me, I could get some exercise, write a pretty poem, or even conquer the world (okay, maybe I lied).  All these options sound tempting, but I'll probably end up wasting my weekend on some videogame.  Then again, that's your main reason for reading my blog.  So, despite my best efforts, I'm still doing my job (yea)!  Last weekend wasn't too eventful.  I got to play the open beta of Medal of Honor.  The beta highlighted the best and worst of EA's upcoming game. If you want more commentary, keep on the lookout for a post that discusses it in further detail.  In other news, Marvel unveiled the Xbox Live and Playstation Network port of Konami's X-men arcade game.  I know, it's exciting news.  If you weren't fully pleased by that news, perhaps the rousing music in Demon's Souls will entertain you

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This is great news!

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